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How could these questions be answered?

"I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High."
— Book of Psalms

Humankind has been answering difficult questions about the meaning of life since the very moment humans became self-aware. Reasonable philosophies to life, as well as sacred mythologies, have been recited millennia after millennia to give meaning to the entire enterprise that is existence. This example of our ability to self-define on a global scale is what has allowed this book to come to fruition. It was a simple realization that humans—for all time—have been answering these very questions for themselves.

This book began as a practice in self-awareness, a way to cement a personal belief system, and it is encouraged dear reader, for you to do the same. Take what you grasp from this book and initiate your perspective on how best to answer these questions, because everything, always, is a self-defined journey. And the better one becomes at finding and giving meaning to life's circumstances, the easier it is to find the switches and gears to the control panel of inner peace.

It is nothing new for these questions to be answered. It is not divine inspiration, not written by a higher power, we are the higher power; we created that higher power to give meaning to our existence—that's the tea. Drink up.

Every man and woman lives after their own philosophy, some choose an established philosophy or belief-system, others contemplate several hundred ways to live. No one is right, no one is wrong—there is no one right way to live. There is wisdom in sacred texts, in ancient and modern philosophy, and in the observation of our biological order. What's desired of this writing is to encourage those who read it to reflect not on the grand scope of life and the difficult questions that surround us all, but to focus a bit more on the immediate answers to the questions in one's personal life.

Define good, define evil, define how and why, define your goals, define failure, define success, define beauty, define horror, define romance, define love, define it all, because you have the power to.